The Arts and Business College of London have multilingual staff that can support both local and international students on visa application, seeking accommodation, financial and other advice that students may require prior to coming to London to study with us.

Presently we can assist in the following languages:

Arabic, Chinese, English, Greek, Hindi, Japanese, Lithuanian, Polish, Russian, Spanish


If you are from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland, you will need to apply for short-term study visa to come to or remain in the UK

Applying for a Visa can be a challenging task therefore requires proper planning. The Immigration Authorities will not allow the application to proceed unless you have all the necessary paperwork in order first. You can find a basic checklist of documents on UKVI website that you will need before applying.

For more details, please visit website:


You must apply for the visa before you travel to the United Kingdom. Even when you hold a visa you will still need to pass through Immigration Control when you arrive. However, if you are holding a visa you will not be refused permission to enter – unless there has been some change in your circumstances – or you gave false information – or did not disclose important facts when you obtained the visa.

You must be able to support and accommodate yourself and any dependents and pay for your studies without working in the UK and without resource to public funds.

When applying for your visa it is important that you have an offer from the Arts & Business College of London to support your application.