Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship


This course will outline the tools required for formulating and evaluating the technology strategy in entrepreneurial start-ups. A key element of the programme is the critical evaluation of the gap between technology, innovation and commercial success as well as looking at the type of competencies and skills required to close such a gap.


This course is aimed to challenge some of the conventional assumptions and foster both mind and skill-sets required to drive change and innovation in a corporate environment, or when starting up a brand new business.

• Understand and apply the entrepreneurial process, idea generation and opportunity recognition, shaping, and reshaping in creating value

• Learn how to prepare business plans, create value through franchising agreements and engage in social entrepreneurship

• Understand how to raise finance through equity financing, informal investment, venture capital and debt, and any others sources of financing

• Create advantage and chartering innovation within an organisation, preparing, developing and supporting the right team to achieve commercial success with innovative technologies

• Understand the importance of placing customers at the centre of innovation and change an organisation to deliver the innovation to achieve commercial success in innovative technologies

• Learn how to motivate the right partners and share the returns whilst building momentum in the market to achieve commercial success in innovative technologies

Course Contents

• Program overview and materials review

• The entrepreneurial process and idea generation, opportunity recognition, shaping, and reshaping

• Entrepreneurial marketing, business planning and building your own social enterprise

• Equity financing: informal investment, venture capital, debt and other forms of financing

• Customers at the centre of innovation

• Starting your own business

Course Duration


Full time – 5 days Monday to Friday

Part Time – 2 evenings per week 6pm to 8pm over 8 weeks