Welcome to the Arts and Business College of London

The Art and Business College of London offers a high quality education in the area of the Creative Arts, Digital Media, Business and Entrepreneurship to create the next generation of leaders in these fields. Our programmes lay the foundation for leadership and excellence in a truly dynamic and cosmopolitan environment in the heart of London.

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Creative Fashion Design Course

This course is designed for all levels – from the complete beginner to more experienced and professional designers looking for a challenge. Beginners level in pattern cutting is designed in order to introduce the basic aspects of pattern making. Through the duration of the course students will be introduced by industry professionals to the fundamentals…

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Luxury Brand Management

These days the competitive world of retail management requires managers to be multi-skilled and knowledgeable in a variety of areas in order to ensure that the business remains profitable and has potential for growth. This course provides students with the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the world of luxury retail in just 10…

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Digital Media Courses

Be creative and develop your talent for art & design. “The future of digital media – it’s pundit time — this time, digital media style.” Peter Csathy twittered this on 10th Jan 2016, he is the chief executive officer and an investor for the business accelerator and development firm Manatt Digital Media. The prediction on…

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Business Courses

This course will outline the tools required for formulating and evaluating the technology strategy in entrepreneurial start-ups. A key element of the programme is the critical evaluation of the gap between technology, innovation and commercial success, as well as looking at the type of competencies and skills required to close such a gap. This course…

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