The historic Bloomsbury area gives a multicultural studying environment with the very best of what London has to offer on our doorstep.

It’s fascinating history, diverse places to discover, things to do and concentration of world-class universities make London the top class destination for students. No other city can beat the UK capital when it comes to the increasing number of prestigious universities and specialist institutes ranked among the world’s best. London has also been named the most influential city in the world by Forbes for its combination of “efficiency and access to capital and information” as well as its concentration of media, culture and business power.

London is also one of the most important financial centres in Europe, which makes it the most attractive choice for those who want to develop a corporate or financial career, as well as for those executives who want to expand their career prospects.
• 100% of leading financial institutions are represented in London.
• 75% of the 500 most important global companies are based in London.
• 12,000 firms in the city, 7,855 of them are in business or finance.

The capital is also unique in combining its strengths in media and arts, which enable it to create and propagate its distinguished and eccentric trends and influence to the world.
• 1,000 tech start-ups are set up every month in London; seen by trend forecasters as an open and attractive market for creative investments.
• World centre of creativity and design talent, which has led the industry to repositioning the British fashion in the global fashion economy, and creating a multi-billion pound industry, with the numbers increasing each year.

London’s cultural offering is ideal for students who are looking for an inspiring and enriching place of study, enhancing both their learning and social development. With its welcoming student atmosphere it is a unique and mind-opening life experience.
• Over 1,000 museums and galleries, most of them are free!
• Over 100 green spaces to enjoy nature, 100 cinemas, 350 live music venues to discover the latest bands, 5,000 restaurants to enjoy national and international food, and 7,000 bars and pubs.